Hiring an engineer to build something cool is great, but sometimes you don't know what you don't know. Not having a clear vision can lead to a lot of wasted manpower.

At IAM IT a great deal of what we do is communication. Converting complex concepts to leadership, providing documentation to engineers and creating a wholistic long term plan that really fits your buisiness.

Its not a one size fits all situation when it comes to IAM solitions, so don't buy a boiler plate product. Let us give you the context you need to meet your needs.

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Our mission is to make your business better through technology

Quality Documentation

IAM is a huge security risk, and is visible to auditors and executive leadership. Its a hot button issue and it requires clear, concise documentation tailored to executives.

Meanwhile you also need engineering level documentation for technical designs on how it all fits together so if you change platforms, you won't accrue a ton of tech debt.

Lastly you'll need company wide documentation guiding users how to handle IAM related issues, how to request new access, and how to report gaps.

Architecture Design

Good IAM isn't just choosing the right tools. Its about planning the complete narrative of how users get access, how that access is change, and how its ultimately revoked when its not required.

This requires many applications working in tandem, human processes and gradual implementation of API based automation. Its not going to be overnight, and its going to include manual steps in many places.

You can't just buy a product, you need to know exactly what that product wont do, so you can plan for what it will.

Specialized Support

You don't want to hire someone long term to do a short term job, its not in either of your best interest.

You want an expert who spends exactly the time it takes to build the product you want, nothing more. The staff required to support IAM tools are sys admins, and IT help desk. To build it is an engineer making in some cases twice what they do. Having a full time engineer maintaining a product is burning money. So let us help you with the specialized ask, so you can pay for only the staff you need.

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We won’t waste your time. We sign an NDA before any conversations, making sure that our conversation can be tailored to you, both specific and productive.

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