OKTA is a great tool for user user and application management and helps consolidate a sometimes very messy SAAS infrastructure.

By combining OKTA with other tools, like downstream from an HRIS or upstream from Slack or Teams, you can create an amazing user experience and baseline for some super cool automation.

Our experts have done everything there is to do in OKTA. So if you need it, we can make it happen.

OKTA Implementation

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OKTA directory Configuration

OKTA's based product is a directory as well as an IDP. We can configure authentication controls, add SAML and OIDC applications and build out advanced security alerting. We also can set up integrations to your HR system, and support OKTA migrations from other directory products

OKTA Identity Governance

OKTA went live in 2021 with an OKTA Identity governance product. This product is amazing at both access requests and certifications and can be complicated to set up properly. We build out this configuration

OKTA Workflows

OKTA workflows is a super powerful no-code workflow tool. Its designed to automate integrations with many external applications with baked in listeners for OKTA events. But as its grown it has even greater capability. Most IAM requirements not covered in the base OKTA product can be met with an expert in OKTA workflows

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